■ Mini-Exhibit with 15 pieces at new co-working space in boca called EGLAvator.

We just got finished hanging a “Mini-Exhibit” with 15 of my paintings hung at a brand new co-working space in Boca Raton, Florida called EGLAvator. There’s a reception for their officially opening the space and the paintings September 24. Come by!

WHAT IS THE EGLAVATOR?: EGLA COMMUNICATIONS is a technology incubator with startups in media, healthcare, telecomm, and cloud. They offer office space, mentorship, introductions, in a very friendly and open space designed for thinkers and people with great ideas. Patents, Software, and anything creative including a TV/Radio studio, startups, ventures, and anything from blockchain, to 4G/5G, modulation, emulation, AI, machine learning, robotics,  media, and anything tech are part of the ecosystem.