Victor Gudema is a fifteen year old boy who has many unique qualities, only some of which are having Aspergers, ADD, and OCD.

He creates drawings and paintings of some of the images that he sees vividly in his mind, often experienced not just in the imagination, but in a very real way.  You will see heroes, monsters, mobsters, and mythic creatures floating across his compositions that are done in paint and ink on wood panels. He has very specific narratives about the lives, talents, and purposes of his creations — they all have in-depth backstories!  Some entities are those that frighten him, some make him laugh, and some give him hope or feelings of protection. Creating his artworks help him slay the dragons, cheer with the heroes, and release them from his mind.

In addition to making his artwork, he enjoys spending time with his pet cat and dogs, playing and making up designs for video games, reading, riding his bike, and playing in the park with his brother Max.

victor gudema at his show at miami art week / art basel
Victor exhibiting his paintings at the ART BASEL Exhibition at Picadillo Art Gallery, Miami Art Week, 2022. Shown standing in front of a feather display.

Original Paintings